Guidelines for Speakers

Thank you for your desire to serve as a guest speaker and agreeing to share your expertise or experience at a meeting of the Rotary Club of Apple Valley. In order to avoid last minute difficulties, please review these Guidelines for Rotary Speakers. If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected]

We meet each Thursday  at 12:00  which is located at, Apple Valley Golf Course . Our members start to arrive about 11:30 am. Meetings begin at 12:00 pm. and concludes at 1:00 pm You are our guest - so when you arrive, please announce you are the speaker and don’t pay for lunch.

A member of our Program Committee will introduce you. We do ask that you provide us with any special introduction information you wish used, (well before the event date, if possible). This will enable us to correctly announce your presentation topic on our club's website calendar, publish it in our newsletter, and also give you a proper introduction at the meeting.

The guest speaker will be notified prior to the start of the meeting as to when they will be called up to present. Club members expect our speakers to make a 15-20 minute presentation, including a few questions and answers. If possible, we will adjust our starting time to allow for your needs. Please let the Program Chair or the Club President know if you require additional time, so we can plan our other meeting activities accordingly. 

Your presentation should end as the club President stands up to thank you. Many members have to leave for work and extending a meeting is not possible. If you have time, feel free to stay after the meeting and meet with our members who wish to stay longer and ask questions.

Our club has approximately 40 - 50 members and guests in attendance at any given meeting. Handouts for club members are welcome. However, there are no copy facilities in the meeting room, so you will need to bring any handouts that are required for your presentation. The club does have audio-visual technology available. Presenters occasionally use computers of their own, and we have a projector to connect to your laptop. A screen is in the meeting room. Please let the Program Chair know if you have specific needs and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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